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The oil patch is a tough environment, so you need tough mobile office trailers! An RV is great to retire in, parked in the enchanted forest, but when you need to get down to business in the field, you want genuine Shuttle Trailer Logo™ mobile oilfield office trailers. Rugged tandem axle & heavy gauge steel frame construction, combined with the light weight and superior strength of reinforced fiberglass means your office trailers will get there...and back. Check out The Shuttle Advantage page on this site for details.  

Model: S10000 Basic Furnished Office Trailer 
Available for rent:

Office trailer with a dual desk, fridge and microwave*

Office Trailer with a dual desk, table and fold up chairs, and has the propane tanks with it*

*modifications can be made to suit your specific needs


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Our basic mobile oilfield office trailers are economical, no-frills work trailers. They are built on the same rugged platform as the Custom Deluxe Oilfield Trailer with sturdy interiors and storage. They are roomy and comfortable for many people to work inside. We have other interior configurations to meet your needs, click Mobile Office Trailers to see our full line-up.

Basic Furnished Office Trailer


  • 8ft wide x 6ft 6in high x 20ft long
  • 2 7000lb rubber torsion axles
  • 4 wheel electric brakes
  • breakaway kit w/charger
  • 7 pin RV plug
  • 8000lb front jack
  • 2 5/16 coupler
  • rig cord box w/ 100ft cord and 30amp plug
  • breaker box
  • electrical plugs
  • rhino lining sprayed on front and tongue
  • air conditioning
  • 3 24" x 44" single pane windows
  • fridge
  • microwave
  • insulated and paneled
  • lino flooring
  • 2 2000 watt heaters
  • 1 3000 watt heater
  • 4 interior lights
  • 1 exterior light
  • 6ft long desk with shelving underneath
  • 1 exterior light
  • side man door 32" x 72"
  • 6ft long desk with shelving underneath

Purchase price: Please call 780-477-1181 or 780-968-1190 for price.

Rental Price: $1800.00 per month (GST extra)

Purchase Options:

  • can add a couch if needed, or a bench with storage space underneath......
  • additional 32" X 72" man door

See photos of trailers with Customization or all of our Mobile Office Trailers.


Business changes at a rapid pace and you need to be able to react with equal speed. Renting is the answer when the landscape is shifting and when convenience is a priority. Rent a mobile oilfield office trailer today to bring your jobsite up to full speed.