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Trailers Unlimited offers you unsurpassed service and trouble free trailer rentals for your every need. When you rent a trailer from us, you are assured of a fast, efficient experience, with rugged, well-maintained trailers, best value and no surprises. There are no hidden charges and we provide everything you need. With every trailer rental we provide you with ball, ball mount, light adaptor and ramps; all included in the price! All trailers have hydraulic brakes, so all you need is your light connection. We even take care of the hookup. Call (780) 477-1181 now to reserve your trailer.

All our rental trailers are genuine Shuttle Trailer Logofiberglass units, which are the easiest towing on the market today.  Better fuel mileage and handling are just a few of theShuttle Trailer Logo advantages.  For more information, visit 'The Shuttle Advantage' page on this site!

Model:  Enclosed Single Axle 6X 12' Long

All trailer rentals will require a min. $500 deposit plus rental fees. Payable by VISA, Mastercard or Debit.
Deposit will be returned upon trailer return. Credit cards accepted in person only. Credit card phone-ins are not allowed.
Credit card holder needs to be present with valid photo ID and will be the one to rent the trailer.

Rental Trailer Enclosed 6X6X12 

Available 6' Wide X 6' High X 12' Long. This is our largest single axle rental trailer. This trailer is extremely popular for local moves and hauling 2 motorbikes (*no chocks in trailer). The popularity stems from the combination of single axle light weight and maneuverability and good load capacity. A perfect mover for apartment and condo residents. Most pick-ups will handle this trailer with the greatest of ease. Light garden or landscaping equipment is also within reach for this unit. Please consult your vehicle specifications for towing and load capacities. Terrific value and ease of use!

6' Wide X 6' High X 12' Long

Weight: 900 Lbs
Max Weight: 2000 Lbs

6'X12' Enclosed

$65 per day
$260 per week
$650 per month

Deposit required:$500

Please add GST - no hidden charges

Rental Period:

1. Rentals picked up any time Saturday and returned Monday before 10 am are charged a 1 day rental fee and a 2 day rental fee if returned after 10 am on Monday.

2. A one (1) week rental is seven (7) consecutive days.